Car & Classic Car Polishing Cloths

Car & Classic Car Polishing Cloths

When it comes to car polishing, using the right tools can make all the difference... That's where Selvyt polishing cloths come in! Our premium quality cloths are perfect for use on paintwork, chrome, windows and mirrors and provide superior results when it comes to removing streaks after basic cleaning, and giving that “show” shine. 

High-Quality Material

Selvyt MF polishing cloths are made from a high-quality microfiber material that is soft and gentle on your car's paint surface, and the ultra-fine weave is renowned for leaving a streak free finish with no lint particles. 


Simple To Use:


Using Selvyt Polishing Cloths is easy. Simply clean and wax your car to remove all grease and grit. Once wax is applied, the Selvyt cloth buffs the bodywork to shine. For glass work, use the Selvyt cloth in conjunction with your favourite glass cleaner. For chrome bumpers etc, it may be necessary to use a specific chrome restorer before polishing with the Selvyt Cloth. 


Streak-Free Shine

One of the key advantages of using Selvyt polishing cloths is their ability to leave a streak-free finish. This is because the microfiber material is very tightly woven, with a “raised” face that removes residual grease and dust and is superior to most other knitted microfiber cloths. 


Selvyt polishing cloths are also highly durable and can be washed and reused multiple times without losing their effectiveness. This means that they are a cost-effective option for car owners who want to maintain their vehicle's appearance without having to constantly replace their cleaning supplies. 


In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality polishing cloth for car polishing, Selvyt is the perfect choice. Our cloths are easy to use, highly effective, and built to last.