Musical Instrument Cloths

Musical Instrument Cloths

If you are a musician or instrument enthusiast, you know that keeping your instruments clean and polished is essential to maintaining their beauty and quality. Selvyt cloths are perfect for polishing musical instruments, as they are specifically designed to gently and effectively clean delicate surfaces without scratching or damaging them. 

Soft & Absorbent:

Selvyt cloths are made from high-quality materials that are soft and absorbent, making them ideal for use on a wide range of musical instruments. Whether you have a brass instrument, a wooden instrument, or a delicate stringed instrument, Selvyt cloths will help you achieve a professional-looking shine. 


Remove Contaminants:

One of the key advantages of using Selvyt cloths for polishing musical instruments is their ability to remove finger marks, dust, and other contaminants without leaving behind any residue. This means that your instrument will look clean and shiny, without any unsightly streaks or marks. 


Highly Durable:

Selvyt cloths are also highly durable and can be washed and reused multiple times without losing their effectiveness. This means that they are a cost-effective option for musicians and instrument enthusiasts who want to keep their instruments looking their best.

The Selvyt MF cloth works best for lacquered wooden surfaces like Drums/ Pianos / Guitars and lacquered brass / woodwind instruments. Traditional cymbals can be polished with the MF cloth however, manufacturers will specify if particular cleaning solutions should be used for stubborn oxidisation and dirt.  We also have a silver cleaning cloth that is perfect for Silver Plated brass instruments – The Selvyt SC cloth is impregnated with a cleaning compound that removes oxidation and tarnishing, whilst keeping the aged patina of vintage instruments. Use in conjunction with a PR cotton cloth to give a final mirror shine. 


In conclusion, if you're looking for a high-quality cloth for polishing your musical instruments, Selvyt is the perfect choice. Our cloths are gentle, effective, and built to last, so you can keep your instruments looking beautiful and sounding amazing for years to come. 

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